I found Malibu to be very harsh. While it says sulfate free it does have C14-16 Olefin Sulfonate or whatever the spelling is and I always read that was a harsh ingredient.

Okay, I'll look into a soap free bodywash. I read Softsoap has one.. and will skip the Dove Beauty Bar(don't use it on my face tho). Thanks!

Yes, Robert Craig has 3 different poos for water: soft, hard, extremely hard. They even have water test strips. They sell full sized bottles or a travel kit that comes with little bottles of each of the water types and some test strips.

I'm using the Paragon Shower Filter from Home Depot, which do you use?
3a/b medium/coarse combo(w/some fine strands), normal porosity, normal elasticity(strong)
Komaza analysis 2015: medium to coarse combo(some fine strands), normal porosity, strong elasticity, healthy hair
Goosefootprints 2013: moderately coarse with some medium; low porosity at roots, normal thru shaft, porous ends, normal elasticity