I'm just using one of the Sprite shower filters. I'm looking into other systems that do better with hard water.

well, there's hard water, and then there is Florida water. I'm not being mean, or picking on Florida, or drinking Florida haterade, I'm just saying Florida water is like a whole 'nother category. I have lived in several different states, and a different country and NOTHING compares to the weirdness that is southern florida water.

Be glad those of you who have nothing to compare it to -- because its better that way. German water was hard, but not so much so that it altered the color of my whites. Even my beige colored clothes take on this gray tinge. And I'm ON CITY WATER! No lie. Hard water run through a softening system, is only slightly better. All the crap that's dissolved in the water to take out some of the harsher chemicals has its own hair issues. I've had slightly hard water and my hair was fine with it.

I didn't say all that to say, "I have it worse than you!" but rather to say that its difficult to understand hard water until one has dealt with it. hah!

Soft water is a whole nother ball of wax and its just as bad as the other end of the spectrum. Some parts of Texas have bizarrely soft water. I only had to deal with that for a couple of nights and it was strange.

On the sodium olefin 14-16 or whatever it is -- I really think that's subjective. The long hair boards talk about how harsh it is, I've found it to be way better than regular sulfates. For me its a great "inbetween" product. Its not as harsh as sodium lauryl sulfate, but helps with build up more than a 'poo made out of nothing but decyl glucoside.

Btw, tell me to shut up if I get annoying. The chemistry of shampoo and hard water is kinda my thing. I STILL have not found the perfect low-poo and I suspect I never will. hah.
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LOL, Goober...

Keep in mind Floridas water has lots of Lime and calcium in the water due to living on a Pennisula made up of shells, lime stone and surrounded by the ocean... Gotta love what it does to appliances, showers and commodes ...

My curls LOVE soft water and will behave so well with very little product...
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