I am regrowing my curls (if I can stand it, right now they are being unruly -- I need more length to finish the curl pattern so I have little horns sticking up around my ears or curls and then straight spots. Ugh)

Anyhoo, I did a homemade protein treatment last night. I used one egg, one tablespoon of honey and just enough warm water to loosen up the honey. I left it on about a half an hour. My hair feels smooth but I have almost no curl. My hair looks kind of 70s feathered. Obviously not the look I am going for.

Is this an indicator that my hair doesn't like protein? Do I need to add a DT after the protein to help? Am I being punished by the Curl Goddesses for cutting off my curls a year ago?
Growing out my curls. White hair, fine to medium texture but a lot of it. Low to medium porosity. Botticelli curls -- 2c/3a mix. My hair loves protein.
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