I've been getting Keratin treatment done for over a year now, and it has been a life saver. I wish this existed when I was in highschool, and I would fry my hair regularly.
The first time I got the Coppola treatment done I was so amazed. I have pretty tight curls, but not terribly coarse (so my hair breaks easily). the treatment left waves, which was perfect! The 2nd time I got it done, I noticed that the ends were pretty straw-like, which was ok if I were flat ironing but after a while, I just wanted to wash and go and no amount of scrunching could curl the ends.
So I went back to my stylist and asked her to just do the grow-out and leave the ends so that they would start to curl eventually. This worked great, however they stopped using the Coppola treatment...And instead were using Marcia.
She told me they were basically the same however there was a big difference in the way my hair felt after the treatment (during the 3 day waiting period). The coppola made my hair light, soft, and flowly, and the Marcia was gummy, and felt greasy.
The results after washing were similar but I feel it did not last as long!
I got the Marcia done in late Feb, and I am already wanting to do it again :\
Now I am searching for another salon that uses coppola. I hate having to change salons cos I love love my stylist...lame.
I do have one question, for those of you who have had this treatment done, and don't flat iron your hair...which products do you like to use??? I found that my hair is pretty much resistant to everything now! I like texturizing products to help define the waves. Spray waxes seem to work ok, but after a while weigh my hair down.
Whats your product post-Keratin.
Anyone tried Coppola and Marcia? Which do you prefer?