I guess it would depend on what you want, and how easily your hair gets weighed down. Do you want soft waves/curls, or defined curls with more hold?

The Milkshalke can be used as a leave in and a refresher/moisturizer. It actually can pull some of the curl out, so if your hair is more on the wavy side, you may want to use less of this.

My hair is tighter than yours, but I use the milkshake as a leave in, and the whipped cream(which is a heavier version of the souffle) as my styler/moisturizer. I get really defined curls, with a flexible(natural) hold. If I want more hold, and alittle more length, I use the milkshake and spiral curls cream. The cream gives moderate hold, but isn't crunchy.

The conditioner can be used daily, but when I use it, I use it as a weekly dt. Some people can use is as a leave in, but when I do, my hair freaks out(gets mad frizzy).
A wonderful mix of coils, curls, corkscrews, and kinks.

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