Lavendercurls-I got the spiral curls cream from There was free shipping over $75 so I just got it all there

eccentric_kurlz- I don't think my hair gets weighed down very easily. I would like to pull some of the curl out. I want soft curls/waves. I don't like anything that makes my hair crunchy. I prefer the natural look

So the milkshake is a leave in, not a syling cream?

The milkshake, spiral curlss combo will pull out some of the curl?

Can you use any of these products on dry hair?

Originally Posted by cgsamco
The milkshake doesn't have any hold, so I wouldn't consider it a styling cream. It's more like a thick liquid that moisturizes.

Now, when I use the milkshake and spiral cream, it loosens/elongates my curls. Whether it will have the same affect on you, not entirely sure. You'll have to experiment anyway, so give it a try.

Both products can be used on dry hair, but with the spiral cream, it will have more hold when used on dry hair. It can be alittle crunchy, so you may want to apply it with wet hands.

A wonderful mix of coils, curls, corkscrews, and kinks.
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