Hi Guys. I have 3a hair and am dying to chop it off. I really want a pixie cut specifically Halle Berry's. Pic below. Has anyone with 3a hair chopped it to a pixie before? If so could you give advice or show me pics. I'm afraid to take the leap....THANKS!
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Yes, I have had my hair like this several times! Unfortunately, have no digital pics (would need to scan them to post up). Basically, I had to have it 'chopped into' a huge amount to 'destroy' the curl (my hair curls from the root). The downside, it needs cutting every 4 weeks and takes an age to grow out. The plus side, I could do my hair it 10 mins flat - just wash, wax (to funk it up) and go!
UK - 3a/b med/coarse - mix normal/ high porosity.
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