thank you iroc!! i love your hair by the way and mine isn't quite that curly right now so i should be fine with a pixie. did you do any special styling to it when it was in a pixie? thanks again!!!
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Thank you.

My curly hair, if it is long and dries naturally, is probably not going to be as curly as you see in the pictures. I spent many years obsessing and perfecting the way to keep it looking good curly!

In the shorter pics, I do nothing to it. Nothing. I didn't even use conditioner until I started coloring again. I'd shampoo every other day, get out of the shower and ruffle/shake it out with my hands, and that's it. When it was dry (which takes no time) I would run some pomade or paste in the same ruffle/shaking manner as when I got out of the shower. So the product is more on the underside and closer to the roots.

It's so easy. It's amazing how much I don't have to do to it. And as scared as I was to take the jump, it was apparently the right one to take. I get tons of compliments on it.