Some of you gave very helpful advice, but some of the comments were way out of line to the point where I am almost ashamed that I joined this board.

Telling her to think twice about who she was with? Maybe she loved the guy. Why is she the only one being condemmed? Why isn't he or his family around to give any assistance?

You probably haven't heard any updates because of the way that you guys talked to this lady.

A lot of parents have difficulty with their kids hair, and if a parent has always been low maintenance, that is a big step to have to do a lot of work for a kid's hair.

And so what if she doesn't like the look of braids? I don't think they always look cute either.

A lot of mothers treat their kid's hair as an annoyance, and that's unfortunate. I used to babysit a black girl with very thick hair and one day she had gotten her hair wet and it was tangled. I saw her mom pop the mess out of her with the comb because of it.

I also don't agree with the relaxer, because I wish my hair hadn't been relaxed. But my mom minimized the impact of a relaxer--I was complaining that I was sick of it getting pressed once a week and that was that.

A lot of little girls feel pretty when their hair is straightened, just teach them to like it both ways.