Why, exactly, is it so difficult to have curly hair? Sounds like chandracimone has the same brainwashing that many have who feel ike they just cannot deal with their own hair. If you learn how to, it can be done.

Anyway, she misses the point about relaxers vs. texturizers and that the chemicals in those are made to make a permanent change to the hair, as opposed to those in conditioners, shampoos, etc. Everything is a chemical. So let's stop with the wordplay. As soon as two molecules of different elements of any kind combine a chemical reaction has occured. This thread is about chemicals combined to alter the texture of the hair.

chandracimone, you can argue semantics and the difficulty of curly or biracial hair all you want - hair is just hair. And, once the chemicals in texturizer are applied a permanent change is made. The degree to which the hair is changed may vary depending on the strength of the chemicals, but the active ingredients are the same, it still needs to be neutralized, it still damges the hair to a degree, especially if overprocessed (why do you think you have to get "touch-ups" instead of doing the process again every so often?) and there is a reason it is not recommended for children. If you cannot do it to your children, the most vulnerable among us, why would you do it to yourself?
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