It was not an easy transition because you hair gets used to it being treated a certain way and if your hair is like mine ... after a while it starts to reject what used to be the bomb bigity for it. even if you have multiracial hair, That hair is more difficult than if it was african or european. With multiracial you pray that it was either black or white because everyone knows how to deal with that better.
Curly hair in general is difficult.

the Texture softener does exactly what it says ... It softens hair. Yeah it's marketed for biracial kids but the product is for anyone who wants to keep their hair but make it softer. It isn't a relaxer although they do share the same chemical. everything you buy at the store including conditioners have chemicals if you read the back of the product and read that long list of ingredients. That's just the way of the world of hair consumerism works.
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I REALLY hate this whole "black hair/white hair" thing. Haven't we educated ourselves enough to know that both black people and white people come in many shades and hair textures. There is no such thing as "biracial hair". The laws of genetics do not say that when a black person and white person procreate their child will automatically have 3b/c hair.

If you choose to texturize to make handling YOUR hair easier for YOU then own it, but don't blame it on the fact that you have "bi-racial hair" and it is more difficult than "black hair" or "white hair".

There is too much information on this site and many other hair boards to learn how to deal with various curly textures and if chemically processing your hair is how you choose to care for your hair then you have to do what is best for you, but PLEASE stop perpetuating these racial stereotypes of what is one race or another.

It is 2010 People....2010. Let's learn a little something already.

Sorry...maybe this is better suited for the "Say it I dare you" thread, but I've seen too many racially divisive threads on this board lately and it is quite disappointing.
Over 10 years natural and still growing...

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