I've had a texurizer, a relaxer, a texture softner and worn my hair natural. As a kid my mom started giving me a relaxer around 10 because my hair was too curly, long and thick for her to mess with. She didnt like the fact that she could straighten it and hours later when i played too hard it got back curly. At 16 I got rid of the relaxers and went back to natural. It was not an easy transition because you hair gets used to it being treated a certain way and if your hair is like mine ... after a while it starts to reject what used to be the bomb bigity for it. even if you have multiracial hair, That hair is more difficult than if it was african or european. With multiracial you pray that it was either black or white because everyone knows how to deal with that better.
Curly hair in general is difficult.

the Texture softener does exactly what it says ... It softens hair. Yeah it's marketed for biracial kids but the product is for anyone who wants to keep their hair but make it softer. It isn't a relaxer although they do share the same chemical. everything you buy at the store including conditioners have chemicals if you read the back of the product and read that long list of ingredients. That's just the way of the world of hair consumerism works.

The height in this is when you use a texture softener it doesn't stay in permanently. It's like a temporary fix or like a wash out dye that goes away after 30 washes. The more months go by that you haven't used it the more you hair goes back to normal to your new growth. Plus with this product you don't use it every month. Even when you open the box for Just for me it says that in print. IT loosens your curls but if you don't like the way it loosens give it about 3 months and a bunch of washes and your back to normal. That's the key difference from this and a relaxer. Once you relax your hair there is no going back, but to cut it out.

it has an age limit because their are certain things that stunt growth in kids if you don't wait until their hair is at its full capacity instead of still metamorphosing. But honestly it's not about what you use on your hair. Your hair don't make the person. If you had none you would still be the same person on the inside and what you do with it ... is your own choice.

More importantly whether black, white or purple .. none of us have the same type of hair if you are an american. You need to assess your hair on what you need because what works for others don't always work for you. For me .. I just hated getting relaxers because I can't get in the pool. A texturizer is permanent as hell but the upkeep on that for me ... too much but I could swim in the pool but not as often as I wanted to because it dried my hair. The Texture Softener .. I like because I can have looser curls one day and then go back to my tighter curls if I want to months later.I wash my hair everyday, but I moisturize it like nobody's business. I can spend 30 days in a pool underwater and my hair remains the same as the first day. I like it, and I'm 26 using it on and off for the last 3 years.

there isn't too many products that don't uses chemicals of some sort withe mild or extreme. but if you have chemically treated hair by whatever you used or natural. "Carols Daughter" treats both. Not telling you what to do but sliding some more options to get whatever you're looking for. And like India Arie said ... I am not my hair .
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OK...Biochemist stepping back in here. The only difference between a relaxer and a texture softener is the method of application. A relaxer is left on longer to take the hair to straightness while a texturizer/softer is left on for a shorter period to only loosen the curl. Sodium hydroxide, guanidine hydroxide, lithium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide...all the same thing. All from the same metal hydroxide family and all meant to do the same thing...destroy chemical bonds.

You cannot "wash out" a relaxer/texturizer. It is NOT like a semi-permanent color, and your hair cannot return to it original state. When you burn something on the stove, you can't put it in the fridge and have it return to it's pre-burnt state. That is all the laws of chemical change. If your hair returned to it's pre-relaxed state it may be because your hair has low porosity and is more resistant to chemical manipulation in the first place. But trust me, I have had a texturizer/softer and there is no returning to original state after a number of washes.

The reason why relaxers have an age limit is because the manufacturers are trying to cover their a$$ from lawsuits. It has nothing to do with stunted growth. And you are right to say "that is how consumerism works" because your have fed into all the marketing ploys in thinking that the texturizer/softener you get is any different to the boxed relaxers that sit on the shelf in Walgreens.
Over 10 years natural and still growing...