A lot of little girls feel pretty when their hair is straightened, just teach them to like it both ways.
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And why do little girls feel pretty with straight hair? hmmm?

She will not have to taught to like her hair straight. The image that straight hair is better than highly textured hair is all around. She needs to love the hair that she has.

THIS is a quote from the mother. This is why people came down on her

When I look at her hair right now, it's a mess. It stays tangled, ratted and it's always BIG by mid-day. She hates her hair and honestly so do I.
"we" usually have big hair. I think the point someone was trying to make is if you don't want to run the risk of having a child with "big" hair don't have a baby with one of "us". She child hates her hiar because she can sense her mother hates it.