Hi everyone,

I'm new as of today. I've come across this site before when searching for product suggestions and tips while transitioning but just decided to join today. I started my transition in Nov '08 and I'm so glad I did. I still have one section that has some relaxed hair from when I was wearing sew-ins but for the most part, I relaxer free! The problem that I'm having now is finding a product that works with my hair but is all or at least majority natural/organic. When my hair is wet, the curls look great but once it dries, it's a curly/frizzy/dry/afro and I don't like it. I've tried Noodle head products, Miss Jessie's curly pudding & baby buttercream and neither really give me the look I want. I will say the curls were more defined when I used the noodle head shampoo but at this point, I'm doing twist-outs to keep the curls. I just ordered a sample kit from Curls so we'll see how that works. Has anyone used their products?

Oh yeah, if I didn't say before, I'm so glad I found this sight.