any curlies here with sensitive skin?

what products do you use?

i have recently turned CG, and have gone and bought lots of new things like conditioners and products etc. i also randomly changed shower gel.

but recently i've been coming out in rashes on my neck arms, and wrists and hands.

i've always had slightly sensitive skin, but all of a sudden i've been covered in rashes and dry patches of skin.

im guessing im reacting to one of the products, but which one im not entirely sure as every single product im using is new.

so, anyone know a particular ingredient that upsets sensitive skin?

anyone here with sensitive skin, what products do you use, that doesn't irritate your skin?

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Hey I'm so glad I ran across this post. There is an article on Yahoo! Shine about products and ingredients that can be skin irritants. I was surprised to see shea butter on it.

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