I've started to have issues this month. I stopped using some products, started using others, to do an elimination and see what's causing it. Got horrible itchies and rash on my neck, back, upper arms and insane itch that had me reaching for Dermarest and First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream.

I'd hate to have to stop using some of my fave products, but I do think the essential oils or some other of the botanicals are getting to me. I'm allegic to various foods, so it doesn't surprise me. I suspect citrus is a culprit, yeah.

I temporarily stopped using the CIAB and the CCCC Lite, though I love both p roducts, cause I had them in my hair when I got the rash.

I'm still using CJ poo and condish, but I've been styling with Spiral Solutions stuff with no problem.

Once I reintroduce the CIAB and CCCC Lite, if I still get a rash, I'll have to stop using them. Bummer.

I used the Elucence conditioner twice as a precondish in the past week, and no itching. So that one seems safe for me.
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