::Rant begin::

Okay, I tried to make this stuff and wasted 2 batches.

First batch I think I cooked too long. Put it in the strainer and about a teaspoon of gel came through. Threw it into a bigger strainer (sort of a spaghetti strainer) .. absolutely nothing came through. Had a nice big glob of seeds. Threw it back in the pan to heat up again .. put it in the bigger strainer .. nada, nothing, zip came through. Tried pushing it through with a spoon .. still nothing.

Threw that batch out. Tried another and let it cook just until it was a thin gel. Put it in a colander and, of course, alot of seeds came through before the gel plugged up the holes. Arg!!!

Threw the seeds - again surround in a nice gel - away. Out of two batches I got about 2 tablespoons of gel.

I'm 52 freaking years old, girls, why can't I get this stuff to go through the strainer??? I went through 3 strainers, all different sizes, and 4 bowls. Okay, age doesn't matter, but just browsing thru this thread, I'm only once of a couple that had this problem and I should know how to do this (hand me some cheese with my whine please ).

::Rant over::

I'm going to try half the regular recipe and see if I can get this to work.

Edited to add: Okay, made a half batch. Got more gel this time, but it's brown, not clear. Thick, but brown. Somebody please tell me it took a few tries at this to get the boiling time right and the straining right. I think half the gel or more is still holding the seeds together and won't strain through. ::sigh::
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