yeah, i did think to take away a product at a time and see what ones made a difference, except my skin is taking FOREVER to lose its redness and dryness, so it doesnt make a difference if i dont use the products that irritate my skin, cos its taking ages to repair anyway

im a uk curly, so as if my products and conditioners weren't limited enough, but im reacting to the original source tea tree conditioner. it does acutally say on the back that its packed with essential oils and may not be suitable for all skin types so i think thats it ... .

my other conditioner, garnier fructis repair and shine, has heaps of oils in the ingrediants, but im not sure whether they're essiential oils or not ....
Leave in/rinse out:
Tresemme naturals conditioner
Boots curl creme
Co wash:
Original source conditioner
Garnier fructis repair&shine conditioner