i have another question ....

what oils are essential oils?
cos one of my conditioners are packed full of oils like palm oil and olive fruit oil etc but im not sure whether they're EO or not.

cos that could be the conditioner thats irritating my skin, if it turns out those oils are EO.

i also have a shower gel, but it doesnt appear to have any EO in it, however it does have shea butter in it. but i have a shea butter facial moisturizer and that doesnt bother me so im not sure. It is full of all these funny chemically things that i dont really know what they are .... - its original source honey and shea butter shower cream btw.

arrrgghh im not sure which of my many products it is!! :S
Leave in/rinse out:
Tresemme naturals conditioner
Boots curl creme
Co wash:
Original source conditioner
Garnier fructis repair&shine conditioner