i was just going to post this question regarding my daughter! she has super sensitive skin and ive noticed that she has an itchy rash along her back, shoulders, chest...the places where her hair touches her skin.

are natural products and hypoallergenic products one in the same?
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Nope - not at all. In fact, many hypoallergenic products contain very few of what most people would consider 'natural'* ingredients (the skincare brand Clinique is a good example of this). 'Natural' products are often more problematic for people with contact allergies than non-natural products. Hypoallergenic means different things in different countries, but normally that means that the product does not contain anything that is a known common allergen. Very few 'natural' products can claim that.

*Natural is relative, however. Everything's made from something, somehow, and most 'chemical' ingredients are derived from 'natural' sources (scare quotes because these are slippery terms). Also, natural isn't necessarily safe - cyanide can be made from almonds and other seeds, arsenic is naturally occurring in many minerals, and so on.
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