I think I'm going through a mid-curl crisis...I'm getting bored with my hair (curls and color) and am seriously considering going short and blonde again. I know I will love it but at the same time I will miss my curls.

Decisions, decisions...
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YES! I have a very low threshold for boredom too. I try to get a cut that I can wear more ways than one and vary the length from time to time. I am fortunate to have hair that can be allowed to dry into springy curls or dry braided (after diffusing) into waves. I also like to clip it up.

What I hate even more than repition though is dry damaged hair which I have had for so very long.
Lisa -

3B can braid to relax into 2b or diffuse into 3A. I confess I have 3C envy :-) Chin length weighed down by product - using Pureology Hydrate condish, home made brews and on occasion Redken Fresh Curls