I'm a little confused. These shampoo bars, are they any different from a regular bar of soap? I bought this all natural soap bar and I'm thinking of trying it out. Here are the ingredients:

Olive oil, palm kernel oil, distilled water, coconut oil, safflower oil, sodium hydroxide, sweet almond oil, castor oil; essential oils of lemon and lavender; red sandalwood powder; annatto seed powder.

Can I use it on my hair? How do I use it? How much do I apply? How often do you find you need to cleanse? Sorry, I'm a bit of a newbie!
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I used the Chagrin Valley soaps for a while and also the soaps that KathyMack sells. Very quickly I looked up the ingredients from my favorite Chagrin Valley bar and this is what I found:

Saponified oils of olive, babassu, unrefined shea butter, and castor bean; and filtered rainwater.

I'm not a soap maker but after some research it looks like the one ingredient that made me nervous in your bar, the sodium hydroxide, is actually part of the saponification process. So I'm guessing your bar is probably fine to use as a shampoo bar.
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