I despise the way the media and any other informative outlets portray black people, it's sickening and I'm very tired of it. The media and journalist need to be held accountable for how they report stories.

Example: When the news does stories of fighting the war on drugs, they immediately show the urban street corners, "men of color". However, they never show the planes and boats the **** comes in here on, by whom, surely not men of color they do not own boats and planes. So why try to make it seem blacks are the problem/source of drug trafficking.

I could give a million examples ranging from murder to nba brawls. Hockey players fight all the time why is it NATIONAL news when nba players, who are human lose their temper?

*disclaimer* I am not at all negating the wrong doing of anyone however, please stop making it seem as though everything bad in society begins and ends with one race of people and everything good, proper and right is another race.

America was built on violence, hence slavery, lynching, burning at the stake, so please stop acting like people of color are the most violent to ever walk this earth
3c and frizzy