What the heck is wrong with you guys? DO YOU NOT REALIZE THAT I HAVE A TON ELSE TO DO?! I'm completely stressed, but you keep pilling on the work, expecting "quality" results. Oh, and J? WTF? You barely do anything. You're rude, rude, rude, and I hate how you give us stuff ALL the time! And A, you're so annoying. You think you're all great, but then you make rude remarks or COMPLETELY CONTRADICT what you JUST told us was right, and then you make others look like idiots! And then when someone asks a question, you make everyone feel stupid. I thought I liked you, but I don't. I hate how you tell us stupid things and then say, "so that's kinda cool" and then we say something ACTUALLY cool, and we get a weird look. Just shut up.
K - STOP letting people walk all over you, it drives me nuts.
M, I can't believe I have to do this TONIGHT. We don't understand it, you should have given us better notice or something.


CoN green, HE hello hydration, burt's bees super shiny condish, & KCCC.

mostly 3b, mod CG

Smiles are free, so give them away.

Celebrate we will, 'cause life is short but sweet, for certain.