I am anxiously awaiting the result of your haircut. I want to get a Deva cut but don't really afford it so I am hoping she is good so I can go to. Is she going to shampoo and/or put cones in your hair?
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Hi "other" cubana.

I think if you wanna get a DevaCut, you should just save up for it and go to the Gables guy BluButterfly went to or the Fort Lauderdale one who is also supposed to be good (see other posts/google on that). I'm gonna get a wet cut so I have the option of blow-drying open (though I haven't in 5 months, I still want to OPTION).

I haven't decided if I'm gonna take my own products or just let her use the AG line (she uses Re:coil and other AG stuff, too, I believe). I'm okay with her using her stuff as an adventure, and I can always clarify and deep treat later if I don't like what's in it. I"m not so hardcore CG that I run from a poo screaming. However, I might wanna take some of my stuff just in case...

I'm gonna look over curly pics on this site and online to see if I find anything remotely suitable for my hair type. But I strongly suspect I"ll just sit, go, "This is kinda the general shape and effect I want, is it doable with a wet cut?" And let her take charge. I think the best way to guage a stylist is to give them a bit of free range and take the risk. Hair grows out after all. It's not a life commitment.

My only non-negotiable is I won't go shorter than shoulder. I have a small buffalo hump from steroid usage and a fat neck from being, yeah, fat, so I prefer to camouflage that a bit. Plus, since gaining weight, I just can't rock the shorter bobs like I did when I was slimmer.

I hope I don't spaz and forget my camera. I really wanna document this decently for other South Florida/Miami curlies who are agonizing over a stylist.

Like me.

However, and I'm totally serious, if you really, really, really want want want want a DevaCut, I may make a deal with you (if your hair is similar to mine) and subsidize part of it and go with you. No kidding. If I'm unhappy with my wet cut, after trying Teri and, if needed, Salon Vaso, I'd want to observe a DevaCut firsthand. It's worth it to me to pony up part of the expense if I can watch firsthand and see if it will work for me .

So, keep that in mind. I may PM you in future.
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