I can't really help much but can give you a bit of information.

I used to go to Jonathan Torch a number of years ago (at his previous salon before he opened the Curly Hair Institute) - I found that he was becoming increasingly expensive and although I wasn't unhappy with his cuts, I didn't think they were worth what they cost. I think his hair cuts are well over $100 now so it may not suitable for you if you're on a budget. Other stylists at the salon may be cheaper.

I don't know anything about Earth but from the address, it probably caters to the Yorkville crowd so it may be expensive. (Lots of really good reviews on the salon part of this site though).

The Curl Ambassadors is likely to be the cheapest option. I haven't had my hair cut there but have been in to the salon a couple of times as they sell Jessicurl, Curls and Deva products. Everyone I saw walking out of there was a wavie (rather than a curly) so I couldn't identify enough to decide if I would have my hair cut there.

I'd also love to hear about anyone's actual experiences at these salons.
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