I am writing because I am extremely angry about the misleading wording that is being used to market the Just For Me Texture Softener. I compared the ingredients in the "Texture Softener" to the ingredients in the relaxer and found that they are essentially the same. I then called 866-730-9101 to inquire about this, and was informed that the ingredients are indeed the same, but the that the method of application is different. I told the agent who answered the phone that the language used in the product information guide is incorrect and misleading, as it states that the texture softener "naturally and gently softens" hair texture. There is nothing "natural" about a product that contains the same chemicals as a relaxer. When I stated this to the agent she started talking in circles, saying that nothing except for the chemicals that are in the product would straighten the hair (?!) which is why it is marketed this way, as there is no natural product that can have the same effect? That makes absolutely no sense, of course the chemicals in the product are what straighten the hair, but it is totally inappropriate to say that this product works naturally. I have a PhD in microbiology, and am outraged that the margeting team for this product feels it is acceptable to say it works naturally. Had I not actually read the ingredients I would never have known that there is really no difference between this and a relaxer, and it is completely irresponsible of Soft and Beautiful to market this product as if it is an alternative to relaxers, when in actuality it is the same product being applied in a different manner. Calling it a "sunflower oil formula" leads the consumer to believe that sunflower oil is the main active ingredient in the texture softener when it is not, calcium hydroxide is, which (as clearly stated on the Material Safety Data Sheet) is corrosive and can cause severe skin and eye burns. This misleading and incorrect labeling of this product must be stopped, as consumers who might not be as diligent as myself are probably applying this to their children's hair, not knowing they are actually using a chemical relaxer (and I am certain this is the intent of Soft and Beautiful, to target unassuming consumers who would prefer not to chemically treat their children's hair).