I had my first cut with Teri who rents a booth in the salon called THE STRAND AT PINECREST. I had an eleven o'clock with her (and my hubby had an eleven o'clock with Krystal, so we both got done simultaneously).

Teri is an effervescent, friendly blonde with a wavier sort of curl in her hair. (I took pics of her and me which I will upload to Fotki today.)

I had the same stylist for 22 years, but she retired last month due to health issues.

Teri carefully examined my hair, complimented my natural, air-dried curls for lack of damage and excellent moist condition. (I did a great deep treatment with Curl Junkie H&B deep fix with some Curl Fix for ends the night before. I had done Wowohwow's routine, so I had no frizz yesterday and negligible frizz when I took it out of the pineapple. I did take a pic before she started my color, but it's mussed from her examining my hair.)

I told her I wanted a minimal change (nothing drastic) and she said the cut I had was pretty good and she'd trim up this and neaten that and I said, do what you think best.

I got a color to roots/grays (dark brown, Redken Color Fusion), and I got a color glaze (dark brown) for all over to seal and give shine. I then got my trim (a quick experience, and very little loss of length, as I said I wanted to grow my sides down longer).

She used UNITE poo (and I don't kno wwhat's in it, but I suspect cones galore, hah). She used AG Fast Good, then AG Re:coil. I asked her to diffuse some, as we were going to lunch and I didn't wanna walk into a cafe with wet hair. She diffused about 50 t0 60% dry, and off I went.

Note: I took my own floursack towels, but no products, though I don't doubt she'd be fine with people bringing their preferred CG stuff. She did not pixie-curl, but regular diffusion type drying with fingerworking and scrunching. But if you want to air-dry, I'm sure that's not a problem, as other reviewers have stated.

I scrunched a bit in the car as the a/c cool blasted my hair. I liked the feel of the products in my hair. Not crunchy (no gel was used). The curls are more "eighties" than clumped 21st century, and to be honest, I'm fine with that. I think we tend to pursue clumps as obsessively as some people pursue sleek straightened hair.

I was happy with my color and cut. Even though she was discreet with the snipping, I can see the improvement in overall shape and how it's more flattering from front-face pictures. Definitely.

So, I was happy and I'd see Teri again.

It's was easy to find a Google street view and mapquest route to the place. US 1 south to 132nd street, left, and it's about a block or so in on the left in a small strip mall. For us, it was 50 minute drive in non-rush hour from Aventura area. Cash or check, no credit cards.

My hubby got highlights (blonde) and a trim from Krystal, and while our previous stylist actually did a nicer job overall on his coarse, straightish hair in terms of the blonde I like on him, he looks good and my husband said she had a very nice manner and soft touch (he is supersensitive to getting hair pulled, yanked, combed, etc). And she was attentive and FAST with the foil. So, if you want to do your hair and have another family member do theirs, she's a good choice.

I'm gonna go upload to Fotki. Will edit this when done.

Here is NC's page for the reader reviews on Teri and The Strand: http://www.naturallycurly.com/curlsalons/view/319
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