Hey everyone! I have been having some great responses to my mini-crisis' since my BC! so here goes another.......The back of my hair has some curl defintion. I can feel the curls and from what I hear they can be seen. But they aren't how I expected! And the top.....trying to find a curl on the top is like trying to find a needle in a hay stack. Granted my hair has natural kinks to it but I was looking for a head full of curls and a nice curl pattern. I'm not sure if me BC'ing a little over a month ago has anything to do with it (its about 2 ins. now). I wanted to use homemade products on my hair seeing as they are cheaper but if it keeps on like this I wont be doing that much longer...as of right now I poo with black soap 2x a week (that helps form the little curls I have now) use a deep CO and a leave in CO which include shea butter, honey,an egg, bananas, and aloe vera juice. The only moisturizer I use is a little thing I found on here which uses some lemongrass,rosemary,and peppermint oil, veggie glycerin and aloe vera juice. (if any of that info helps)....
Please please please help me! My curls and I would so thank you!
...Doing the homework on my hair but failing miserably!

*B.C 3.18.10*

I'm slowly going crazy over the progress of my hair... I'm content with the length but the texture is not how i want it!