Hey everyone! I have been having some great responses to my mini-crisis' since my BC! so here goes another.......The back of my hair has some curl defintion. I can feel the curls and from what I hear they can be seen. But they aren't how I expected! And the top.....trying to find a curl on the top is like trying to find a needle in a hay stack. Granted my hair has natural kinks to it but I was looking for a head full of curls and a nice curl pattern. I'm not sure if me BC'ing a little over a month ago has anything to do with it (its about 2 ins. now). I wanted to use homemade products on my hair seeing as they are cheaper but if it keeps on like this I wont be doing that much longer...as of right now I poo with black soap 2x a week (that helps form the little curls I have now) use a deep CO and a leave in CO which include shea butter, honey,an egg, bananas, and aloe vera juice. The only moisturizer I use is a little thing I found on here which uses some lemongrass,rosemary,and peppermint oil, veggie glycerin and aloe vera juice. (if any of that info helps)....
Please please please help me! My curls and I would so thank you!
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If you are a 4b then it's really tough going getting defined curls because your curl is sooo compact (like a nonstrected slinky). You need something that's going to stretch those curls to give you a more defined pattern. Now-- what to use? There aren't many great products that can be found on the ground but I've heard many type 4 curlies raving about DonnaMarie's Miracurls Curling Jelly.

My suggestion would be to go to the 4a or 4b rooms and get some solid advice. There is MUCH MUCH more traffic there vs. here and you'll definitely get great advice.

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