I'm trying to decided whether to purchase this. I use many different products in rotation so I may use my Rehab 1-2x per week as a LI, 1x per month as my DT. Does Rehab go bad or have an expiration date? Any thoughts?
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At that rate maybe you should just stick with the tub; maybe transfer it to a pump bottle to make usage easier??
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That's a great idea rudee! If I used a smaller pump and stored the rest in the fridge, perhaps that would ensure it will keep longer. Hubs is telling me to go for it since it's such a great savings. He had another good point that I may use it more since I love it and not be inclined to skimp as I do on the little jar. I usually pay around $30 for an 8 oz. jar. This big boy will only cost me approx $90. Thanks for the idea.
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