Curl Pattern: 3a with some 2c and 3b areas
Texture: medium with one coarse patch
Elasticity: normal unless I need a protien treatment on occasion l
tends to frizz and swell in humidity; likes winter best. has great memory (curl retention) gets 2nd and 3rd day...
CG/ModCG/not CG: Full CG

Hair ingredient likes
: FSG, behen-meth
Hair ingredient dislikes: Amodimeth, Glycerin, even PEG mod cones

Hard/Soft Water: normal??

HG/Go-to Products: up to 5 products that are constantly in your rotation : BB FSG, CJRehab, JCWDT, CJ Beauticulrs Leave in, Curl Towels, Clips

Average climate/dew points: humid or dry then typical dews;
I live on the East coast so i get it all.

Fall/Winter combos:
CJ leave in, BBFSG
Spring/Summer combos:CJSG, CJ leave in, BBFSG

Favorite styling techniques and why
: SSM - Because it works every time! I get the clumps I desire, frizz free with definition and volume control.
Techniques that didn’t work and why: Anything upside down; raking, scrunching, airdrying.

Hair Twins: no clue; you tell me!
Curls,Coils,Waves & WhatKnot
3miii/My HGs tame bulk&frizz/Give definition w/o crunch
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