I never did tummy time. With my first, I tried it and he just cried, and I do not believe that crying teaches babies anything, so I stopped. With my second, I didn't even bother. He was worn a lot, but I didn't stress out about it at all. Both my boys have plenty of upper body strength (too much for my tastes ) and were both early walkers, so I think I did something right.

I have to wonder what people did before we had helpful doctors telling us that we need to put babies on their tummies for X minutes a day. Somehow I doubt that they all ended up with delayed upper body development.
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Agreed. Just because they came up with a term for it, doesn't mean it's necessary.

Bailey hated it. No matter what I did she wouldn't get used to it and it just made her miserable. Why am I forcing her to be miserable? I fell for all that book stuff with my first and I feel like i just forced her to do all this stupid crap. With the second, I let things happen naturally.

I positioned her on her side, or certain ways while she was in the swing, and we used the Boppy often, and I held her upright. She could hold her neck/head up at an early age.