Yeah, I know PPD is awful -- but it's in just about every dark brown dye on the market and I've never had a problem with it, even though I'd prefer *not* to use it. It seemed like a lot more people than "normal" were having PPD reactions with the Bigen, though, and that gave me pause. Especially as I have tattoos, which apparently puts me at greater risk for developing a reaction. Eeeeuuurgh! Not worth it!

I used to use Henna and indigo and I LOVE it, however I have very thick hair and now that it's about shoulder length I was winding up with week-long cervical headaches from the rinsing process. Bummer.

That Palette By Nature looks perfect, though, TinasArk -- thank you! I'm going to see if my healthy market carries it.

Originally Posted by CurlyToast

If henna works good for you, GREAT! ... (except for those week long cervical headaches, LMAO!)

My hair is just naturally REALLY FREAKIN' DRY and it sucks that henna isn't for me. I moisturize like crazy to keep the dryness at bay, lol.

Also...I've been perusing this site since I posted last to you. Looks like there's a PPD FREE by AO "Color Me Natural" and also "Light Mountain" as well as something at Whole Foods called "Tints of Nature".

Please keep me posted on what you find that works for you...I'm really interested.
I do want to get away from the PPD in any case, but am NOT ready to go gray yet!
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