I have to wonder what people did before we had helpful doctors telling us that we need to put babies on their tummies for X minutes a day. Somehow I doubt that they all ended up with delayed upper body development.
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They put their babies to sleep on their tummies...because that's how babies usually sleep best. I would venture a guess that humans have been putting small babies on their tummies for sleep since the dawn of humankind. Structured "tummy time" recommendations came about because so many babies were delayed in reaching their developmental milestones, directly related to the Back-To-Sleep campaign. Babies really are delayed because of BTS. It's not a bullsh1t diagnosis.
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Hmm, I guess there lies my "problem." I never listened to all the BTS stuff either. Both of mine slept on their sides, and I certainly wasn't about to keep flipping them onto their backs several times a night.

Really, I think it's very sad how many "rules" we have now for raising and caring for our children. Mothers feel like they have to either let their babies cry or "break the rules"--either way, you end up feeling like a crappy parent. I think we'd be so much better off if doctors told mothers to rely on their instincts and ask questions when they were concerned about something. Instead, we give a long and conflicting list of do's and dont's that is simply impossible to live up to. Alright, I'm going to get off my soapbox now.
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