I almost cried at this! It's just plain awful, and I'm in 8th grade myself. God, I love red hair too. I would never dye my hair, but I've always wished for gorgeous red or auburn locks! I mean... Just wow.

Here in the US there was that 'Kick a Ginger Day'. It was funny at first but soon turned dumb, and at least it didn't get too out of hand.

People should not be threatened because of their hair colors! And that school is completely idiotic for not expelling the students, or sending them to some sort of juvenille delinquents school! I really hope this article continues to give them awful publicity for a while. And the ending... Why would she want to come back to that sort of torture?!!

Despicable. However, I think in high school some people can get a lot more mature (at least I hope so, looking at some of the immature people in my grade..), so it's sadly pretty common for there to be bullies in those grades. Ugh.
curly hair and proud (: