@ wowohwow, here is my routine.
Cowash: Suave Naturals Tropical Coconut Conditioner
Rinse out : HETT Conditioner (This is not CG, and I will get rid of it asap!). I scrunch and let my hair soak in it for a few mins.
Leave in:
Garnier Fructis Leave-in conditioning crème, Sleek & Shine. I scrunching out excess water using a T-shirt, and then rake this leave in into my hair (with my head bent down) . Then I comb my hair with a wide comb.
Gel: HETT curl scrunching gel. I scrunch my hair with this gel and when I come out of the shower, I gently blot my hair with the T shirt. I then twist it in sections to define my curls.
Soon after that, I dry my hair using a diffuser till its about 80% dry.
Now, 1) When I have the patience and time, I let it air dry till it is100% dry and then SOTC. Even then it looks crappy and dry and dull, so I comb it out gently with a wide comb!
or 2) When I need to get dressed and leave immediately, I dry my hair even more and it still looks crappy! So I comb it out again!

It only looks a little better with the F/X silk drops which makes it a little manageable, soft, smooth and shiny.

I can't even explain how bad my hair looks the second day!

All I want is (like everyone else :-)) soft, smooth, bouncy curls and a simple routine for my second day hair.

Please help!
Thank you so much in advance!