I agree that Jew is not a "race". Jewish is a religion, although there can be cultural features that develop out of religious practices that then form communities of people.

"Race" is a social construct used to organize people and resources. "Race" references phenotype (skin color, facial features, hair texture). People and resources are valued and organized according to notions of "race".

People of various "races" can be Jews. For example, I know "Black" Jews in Canada, and there have been media reports of "White" Jews in Israel discriminating against Ethiopian/"Black" Jews.
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Speaking as a Jew (one that actually was born one and practices the religion).. JUDAISM is a religion. Being Jewish is belonging to an ETHNIC GROUP. More specifically in a traditional understanding and ethno-religious group. So with that ethnic group comes a history of a particular religion. A person can certain be a Jew though and not adhere to Judaism.

But it certainly is a fact that Jews can belong to ANY race. But it's not uncommon to hear the phrase.. "The Jewish race"..even among Jews.

There isn't one hair type that is inherent to Jews though dark curly hair used to be something associated with Jews as a typical trait until more European Jewry came to the forefront.