That is super cool, getting your DNA tested! I agree. We are all so mixed. My husband gets upset when someone asks me 'what nationality' I am! He gets peeved and tells the person asking, "she's American."
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SO you are a Native American Indian?
What tribe?

American Indians are the true americans... Everyone else came over by exploration, lost on the spice trade route, by choice or by force..
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My great grandfather was Algonquian in Missouri. But he is the last of the native Americans in my family. So, that makes me what?....1/8th I think. Anyhow, I have so many 'ethnicities' in my background that I am proud to say I am American.
Mix of 3A and 3B
Wash: Recently changed to using low sulfate shampoos. I love it. My hair needs all residue removed to get any volume.
Conditioner: Kinky Curly Knot today
Styler: AG Recoil (I have eliminated everything but AGRecoil. My hair has tons of volume and bounce.)
In high humidity: a dime/nickle size of gel lightly scrunched on the canopy. FINALLY I found a way that doesn't kill my hair volume.