Okay, as some may recall, I take slurs, slanders, and so-called "explanations" as to why redheads are: different; tormented; obsessed about; etc. VERY personally.

Basically, in my view, if you're not a redhead, or have something nice to say about redheads, then SAY NOTHING, please.

I don't care about Celtic tradition, moronic stereotypes about fiery redheads, or how the teasing gets better as girls mature.

This is bullisht bullying, just like any other kind. It's not funny, it's not fair, and I'm f-ing sick of it.
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Well no, I don't recall it. I probably wasn't even here when you made your issue with red head discrimination known.

Furthermore, What I said was not directed to you. I can understand you getting upset but I hope it's not directed toward me because you weren't even a thought in my mind when I posted what I did.

I was simply giving the reason as far as "traditions" are concerned as to why red hair gets discriminated against.. particularly in the UK. I didn't give my personal opinion about red hair one way or the other.

As you know I am black and Jewish so I do understand the concept of discimination well. Considering both my people experienced enslavements, a holocaust, and persecution just about everywhere they went. And still get discriminated against today in a bevy of ways.

And yes.. I know you are "half" Jewish.

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