So I read through all of the replies on this thread, but still need help.

My entire life I NEVER had a problem with dandruff, flakiness or dry scalp. Ever.
I have been doing CG Method for about a year now, and I just started experiencing what I assume is dry scalp/flakiness a few months ago. No itching, just insane amounts of flakes.

I only co-wash twice a week and don't think I can reduce it any more than that. I rinse thoroughly. I want to blame the weather... but even if that is the culprit, I don't know if I can deal with this each winter. It's EXCESSIVE! I've been sooo close to shampooing too many times this winter.

...any suggestions?
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This thread is great. I've had dry skin (only on my scalp) ever since I started doing modified CG method a year and a half ago.

First, I BEGAN cg because my scalp was itching. I eliminated the chemical shampoos, and the itching went away. I still do not itch.

But, because I tend to my curls more, it seems my scalp was neglected. For ME, it is n.o.t. product buildup, as I don't use product. I've given this a ton of thought over the months, and I think there are 3 things: 1. my scalp needs stimulation FREQUENTLY. As in, every night. My haircutter said yesterday to comb it firmly. Yikes, I don't know what that will do to my curls, but I don't have to go down through my hair. Just the scalp. 2. I've read a lot about massaging with Jojoba oil and a few drops of tea tree essential oil. I also know that rosemary and nettle oil is great for the scalp too. Thanks for that link about Honeycombe Hair Rejuvenator, I think I'm going to get some.
3. I'm going to start an internal yeast cleanse. I've been taking fish oils, thinking that my diet was lacking something. Maybe it still is. But we eat very healthy and I drink plenty of alkaline water, so I know I'm not dehydrated.

It's hard, though. I see a lot of African American curlies complain about dry scalp, and that may be due in part to their thick hair preventing much scalp stimulation. But I'm just a 2b curly still have non-itchy but dry scalp.

And lastly, I think CONSISTENCY is going to be huge. I just started 3 days ago getting back into a hair routine, and I think it will take several weeks of diligent nightly massage to tell a difference.

Good luck! -oh, and about shampooing...I shampoo. I was doing it every day, simply because that was the only way it seemed to keep the scalp under control. But then I think it made my curls flat/straight. So I'm going to go to low-poo, with an occasional cowash and an occasional water wash. With LOTS OF massaging and oil stimulation.'s been my experience that even shampooing lots didn't clear it up.
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