Yeah, okay ---- now you've got another crackpot theory to justify why it happens. You still don't live it, and have no idea of the offensive behavior it brings out in others. And unless you do, or have, again, why do you feel entitled to comment on its history? Would you do that with other minorities?

I really don't care how benign Marah's reasons were for her alleged historical explanation. And yes, we all know about her dual citizenship in two discriminated-against groups. I think it's pretty hard to avoid, if you read any of her posts.

So, Marah, why not continue your focus in that direction, okay? Oh, and thanks for the quotes around half-Jewish. I appreciate the distinction.
Originally Posted by ninja dog
Darn Ninja.. I feel like you are being WAY over the top and taking the whole thing WAY to personal.

You don't want people to discriminate against this and that but then you come with this attitude.

NO WHERE did I say I had a problem with red hair.. and while you are SO ALL UP IN MY POSTS.. how come you never came across where I've mentioned in them that my natural color is a reddish brown and that I used to dye my hair auburn in high school, huh ?

If you have a problem because you've been treated poorly because you have red hair.. then guess what TAKE IT UP WITH THOSE PEOPLE instead of coming in here venting your purile attitude toward me a person who isn't even against red hair and hasn't said a damn thing negative about it!

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Okay, I wrote you a nice reply based on your penultimate post, but, never mind.

If you want to insult someone, please choose words you can spell: it's "puerile", not "purile". Perhaps spending more time with a dictionary and less with Celtic history may be in order?