Okay, I wrote you a nice reply based on your penultimate post, but, never mind.

If you want to insult someone, please choose words you can spell: it's "puerile", not "purile". Perhaps spending more time with a dictionary and less with Celtic history may be in order?
Originally Posted by ninja dog
LOL... now you are picking on spelling. Clearly, you knew what the hell I meant. LOL! Or did you do a quick net search and look it up ? And I've seen the word spelled the way I spelled it before.. so whatever. I'm not the best speller..big deal.

All of this pissy attitude just because I explained where the idea of red hair discrimination is supposed to come from.. you clearly have some funky chip on your shoulder cause you were picked on for your red hair.

I get it.. we get it.. it's gotten. Boo fricken hoo. I guess you feel like that gives you some sort of pass to act so full of piss and vingear. It doesn't.

As I said.. hey go to those people that dogged you out with it.. cause no one here picked on you about it. I mean just really..get over yourself.

You are kind of making yourself look like an idiot for no good reason. At least have a GOOD reason for acting wacky. LOL!

Feel free to correct any spelling or grammar mistakes I made.. cause I couldn't give less than a damn. LOL!