I appreciate your measured response, Marah.

This is one of a few "hot-button" issues for me (and I'm feeling a little, uh, hormonal, today, too, it seems).

I love being a redhead, but it is so horrible having total strangers --- or friends, even --- comment on the alleged color of one's pubic hair.......or just to have people constantly remark, for good or for ill, on one's appearance. There are nicknames, and insults, and possibly the most horrible of all: the obsessives.

So, while I understand you weren't trying to excuse why it happens, it's my feeling that there are a hundred, or a thousand, reasons, and none of them are very comfortable (for me at least).
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Oh.. I didn't see this before I wrote what I did last.

Ehhh.. it's no biggy. I just didn't understand why you were so upset with me when I didn't say anything mean or hurtful about red hair.

I have reddish brown hair.. but I never got discriminated for it. So I can't relate to how you feel given I understand the sentiments. Everyone liked my hair color except for me growing up..hence why I used to dye it redder. I dye it black now cause I got into the goth scene when I was younger and it's hard as hell to get black out now and I am okay with it.

Anyhoo.. damn Ninja.. I am sorry things happened to you just cause you have red hair. But I was like good lawd.. she's going crazy on me and I didn't even DO anything.. LOL!

It's cool. Don't even sweat it.