Dear Mr. 'I don't wrangle ants':

You are a POS. I'm sick and tired of you renting space in this building. I wish you would move out!

1. Ants in the men's room is something you can handle. I'm a woman. I'm not a man, nor am I the exterminator. Just as possible that it is for me to spray, it is just as simple for you to spray.

2. If you insist that you don't want the lights turned off upstairs when you are still here at the end of the day, don't be an ******* and turn the lights off up there. Your quip about getting downstairs before I mention it is beyond aggravating.

3. Your sideways comments about the cleanliness of the car parked next to you is tired. You swear that the dirt from her car is going to get on your old ass sorry car.

4. When I tell you that the owner of the building is on the phone, it isn't your mother ****ing cue to knock and open. I hope you know that the owner is off the phone and is not getting a hold of you because you are an ass.

I wish you knew what your secretaries say about you.

Oh! And if you think your secretaries didn't tell what you say about the girls in the office, you are sorely mistaken.

Yours truly,

The girl that no longer takes your incoming calls.

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