HAHAHAHA I just watched that video for the "instructions" and this product is so BLATANTLY marketed towards white moms with biracial kids or white moms with adopted ethnic kids that doesnt have A CLUE how to do hair. they made it look like giving a perm was a science fair project!
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Yup, that sure is true! I would be laughing if the video didn't make me so sad and pissed off. I can't believe these products are marketed towards children -- why isn't it illegal to use this stuff on kids? I hate "relaxers" so much. But of course informed adults can do what they want - relaxing is mostly a victimless crime, lol. But pushing this stuff on moms of little girls is just so horrible. I guess this touched a nerve for me ....
Curl Type: 3c
Fine, low density, not sure about porosity.

Products / Routine:
Daily shampoo & rinse-out conditioner: Currently using Tresemme Naturals.
Styling: Curls Milkshake as a leave-in conditioner, followed by Curls Gel-les'c (the kids version - it's cheaper) for hold.
Usually I air-dry, SOTC, and fluff from roots, or smooth it down. For faster drying I use a Belvedere salon hood dryer for about 20 minutes.