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I got a nice little whack to my ego yesterday, when I was told by the best friend of my ex that seeing me was his attempt to be more successful with women, instead of always trying for the type above who (and I do quote): "could have anyone, Ninja. You're just not a cover girl like he was used to pursuing."

Gosh, thanks! Heaven knows my ego is in such good shape these days that I f-ing needed to hear that.

(Oh, and he --- the ex--- wants to help me find writing work, but is afraid what his new girlfriend would do, since she's jealous of his past relationships. Nice!)[/quote]

That guy deserves the ******* of the day award! And trust me, that girl wouldn't be considered half as hot as she is if she didn't have fake boobs, fake blonde hair and fake tanned/leathery skin. I swear some guys see blonde hair and big boobs and go stupid. Blonde hair and big boobs doesn't make you automatically pretty/hot or whatever. Hold your head up ninja, because you are way better than that!