Yeah, okay ---- now you've got another crackpot theory to justify why it happens. You still don't live it, and have no idea of the offensive behavior it brings out in others. And unless you do, or have, again, why do you feel entitled to comment on its history? Would you do that with other minorities?

I really don't care how benign Marah's reasons were for her alleged historical explanation. And yes, we all know about her dual citizenship in two discriminated-against groups. I think it's pretty hard to avoid, if you read any of her posts.

So, Marah, why not continue your focus in that direction, okay? Oh, and thanks for the quotes around half-Jewish. I appreciate the distinction.
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so, a white person can't comment about how african american's being in slavery was wrong? Is that what you are saying?

I find it rather frightening that people can single out a group with a certain hair color and threaten them. This is not the first time I have heard of 'ginger attacks' in England. It happens too in America, although the attacks may not be so extreme there are judgmental calls on redheads. In school, and my niece is having this problems occur, I was singled out. Not for abuse, but not to play with others. I was the odd child out due to having red hair. The worst part was I was practically the only child in my entire school that had red hair. Some people just get so brainwashed I'm sure even they don't even know where this hatred of 'gingers' have come from.....where did it come from?
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I don't know where it come from but since I don't have red hair I guess I can't comment on it. Honestly I'm from the hill billy south HOME of discrimination and I've never witnessed discrimination against red heads, I knew a strawberry blond girl in elementary school...well she was mean as hell, but so were some black haired girls and brunette haired girls, etc. The only time I've ever heard someone talk about a red headed person was to describe them, and I can't even describe a red head unless it's like BAM red. When I see "red heads" I would always describe them as a type of brown color and then someone would get an attitude with me and say "no she/he's a red head"

And that dude calling lindsay a fire crotch got that from Paris hilton.