People think it's not a big deal, or just a bit of teasing, etc. when in fact, it devastates many. There's a terrific stigma attached, especially overseas, and it's even worse for men.
Pregnant women are verbally assaulted on the Tube about it (guess how?); and even my favorite show has an ongoing storyline on the subject (but since it's Cartman, I know it's b.s.).

When I was a kid, there was a haircolor ad campaign which went, "The redhead is dead!" You can imagine how much fun that was to hear on a continual basis.

But you know what's really, really annoying about it? I'm often told, "but you're more strawberry blonde," as if I'm somehow more acceptable because I'm only partly a member of a reviled group. I've even heard other full-out redheads call themselves "half a blonde" (huh?) as if to distance themselves from the stigma. And everyone: strangers, men, women, and children alike, have an effing opinion about red hair.

I'm not going to say that this is comparable to racism, because obviously, I don't know what it's like to be a person of color. And, I have the (loathsome) option of dyeing my hair to hide who I am. But I think that anytime there's outside pressure to change who or what you are physically, it's terrible. It promotes self-hatred.

And then there's the continual dichotomy of redhead lovers v. redhead haters......

What I'm trying to say is that though I may be flippant about flipping out when people try to "explain" why it happens, it's a big deal, it affects people's self-esteem, and seems to be one of the remaining bastions of ridicule and insult the world over. And I hate it.

Rant over. (I hope the thread is, too.)