It's THE OLIVE GARDEN. Who gives a flying fig that one of your "uneducated" coworkers actually ordered manicotti instead of mani-coat. Speaking in the office later in conspiratorial whispers about how embarrassing it was to you just makes you look like an idiot.
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It's not even mani-coat in Italian. It's mani-coati.

And yeah, most Italian words don't sound Italian in English. Pizza, spaghetti, and cappuccino kept their sounds, but many others didn't.

I had a hard time after I moved back from Italy and I kept "mispronouncing" marinara. I kept saying it the Italian way, and people kept correcting me.
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Excuse me, but she used to live in NYC so I'm pretty sure she knows everything about this subject.

As to the pronunciation, it is my understanding that this is a regional thing and in some parts of Italy they do drop the last vowel. Frankly, I think most of her linguistics actually comes from watching reruns of The Sopranos or Rocky movies.
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Well, some in the south do drop the last e on words, and we hear it today in words like panettone or calzone where the "one" sounds like the English word tone instead of toe-nay.

But, the drop sounds more soft over there as opposed to over here. I can't really describe it well, but I hear the difference between a southern Italian and an American just ignoring the e.

But, hey, if she wants to get all snooty about "proper" Italian, then she should speak "proper" Italian.
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